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The Council on Nutrition® is one of the largest academic specialty councils of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). When Dr. Carl Miller discussed the opportunity with other like-minded doctors of chiropractic in the early-1970's, they joined forces and the council was formed in 1974.

For over 40 years, the Council on Nutrition® has supported and developed events like the annual symposium, the bi-monthly newsletter and the quarterly journal, Nutritional Perspectives®. From the beginning, the Council has promoted deeper knowledge and use of nutrition in the practice of chiropractic. Gain and grow from our experience.

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The annual Council on Nutrition® symposium is being held from October 5th - 8th, 2023 at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington. Classes begin at 10 am Thursday morning.

The symposium topic is Key Nutritional Support for the Immunocompromised Patient.

Absolutely! You can find symposium details here and the full list of sponsorship opportunities can be found in our Media Kit.

There is a huge benefit to reaching out to Claudia who has been putting together the CON symposium for over 30 years. Trump Travel (no relationship to Donald Trump or the Trump Organization) has arranged a room block at the Hotel Murano which has the lowest rate for the rooms! In order to book your room, contact Claudia or Maria at Trump Travel. In addition, Claudia/Trump Travel have arranged for a discount code with United Airlines and they will also be able to help you with transportation between the airport and hotel. Claudia also handles vendor booth selection, vendors will receive an email from her when it is time for you to select your booth space.

Yes you can.  We have a room block that has secured the lowest possible rate you will get for the hotel for the symposium. Trump Travel will be happy to contact the hotel and get you a credit card authorization form for that that can be filled out and sent to the hotel in advance.  Travel and hotel accommodations can be booked with Claudia Rabin-Manning at or 516-546-0300.

We allow for booth selection on a first come first serve basis for vendors.  You will be contacted by Claudia from Trump Travel when it is your turn to pick your preferred booth space.

We think that our event stands out for many reasons and we would love to do everything in our power to make this a win for you.  The CON is a forward thinking, interdisciplinary organization that prioritizes the vendor experience.  We have scheduled vendor breaks, put our break food, breakfast food, and beverages in the vendor room. We require people to get a signature from every vendor in order to be eligible for door prizes, and our attendees are those who use what they learn here in their practice every single day.  We hear from vendors all the time “I go to conferences with 10,000 people and never have this many meaningful conversations.”

It's extremely important to interface with practitioners who are utilizing your product or service regularly.  Do you have a new product, do you offer something totally different than last year? Our symposium is structured in a way that our vendors have a good deal of time to have direct conversations with people in a meaningful way.  Many attendees in our group are on the front lines of clinical nutrition and practice and can also give you extremely relevant feedback.  This is why most of our vendors come back year in and year out.

The CON works with many diplomates and certifying boards. We have diplomates and board members of the ACBN®, CBCN, ABCI, and many other groups that attend our symposium every year. These different groups that attend regularly are the top professionals in their respective field.  A diplomate has gone above and beyond generally taking 200 or 300 postdoctoral hours minimum, writing an article in a peer reviewed journal (like Nutritional Perspectives® our journal) and sitting for and passing an examination.  Then they keep up with reading literature requirements and continuing education requirements on a yearly basis. We have many diplomate attendees, showing that our symposium is a priority for those at the top of their field, and great for you to be associated with.

We offer CEUs for diplomate and specialty groups and its always expanding. In any given year you will meet DCs, MDs, NDs, ParmDs, DDSs, nurses, RDs, and more.  Our speakers are also a diverse mix of the specialties in the top of their field.

All sponsorship opportunities can be found in our Media Kit. At our symposium, they include having a vendor booth, breakfast sponsorship, lunch sponsorship, and cocktail party sponsorship.

A vendor booth costs $1550. Breakfast/Lunch, Practice Building, and Cocktail Party sponsorships are additionally available.

Exhibitor booths are set up with a 10 ft by 8 ft booth space, electricity, one (1) draped table, two (2) chairs, and includes up to two (2) lunch tickets for Friday and Saturday lunches as well as a wastebasket. Breakfast, break snacks and beverages will be served in the exhibit area to stimulate meaningful conversations. Vendor representative names will need to be submitted to the CON ahead of the event. Vendors receive the full attendee list at the end of the symposium.

Generally with enough notice we are able to accommodate requests for extra tables. There may be an additional fee depending on the hotel. Please submit your request in advance of the symposium.

Vendor set up can begin on Wednesday evening at 9 PM or Thursday early morning, and breakdown can be any time, generally done on Sunday morning-afternoon. Thursday is our first day, so it may be the slowest to start as all of the attendees join.

If you have any questions, you can email or call the office at any time (540-252-4733 or We will also be hosting open office hours the third Tuesday of every month from 11 AM - 1 PM EST on Zoom, or you can schedule a separate meeting with us! Office hours can be used for symposium specific questions, open sponsorship details, and anything that will help you prepare for the symposium.

Absolutely, in the past we have done water bottles, bags, notepads and more. Reach out by emailing or calling the office to discuss your idea.

Yes!  We still need speakers for our sponsored lunch talks in which you get the entire group as a captive audience.  These sell out quickly!  In addition there are some breakfast sponsorship opportunities still available.  We are currently full for our continuing education program for 2023.  We will open 2024 speaker applications and registrations during our Tacoma symposium in October! We encourage you to reach out with interest, and look for our speaker application emails.

We expect anywhere from 100 to 150 doctors at our symposium there to attain CEUs with additional students, Practice Managers, spouses and others bringing our total attendees closer to 200.  Our group has experienced steady growth each year and we fully expect that to continue.

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