Doctor Mentorship Sign-up (Members Only)

Sign up to be a mentor to students! The goal of the ACA Council on Nutrition is to advance the integration of clinical  nutrition into chiropractic practice. We designed this program to facilitate an  exceptional educational experience for students in a setting that provides practical  application of the studies of nutrition and chiropractic. We want students to gain useful perspectives on how to create and maintain a thriving practice in order to better the lives of their patients through chiropractic with a focus on clinical nutrition.

Eligibility: Mentors:

  • Must be members of the ACA Council on Nutrition.
  • Must currently be in practice.
  • Must complete CON Mentorship Submission form & Exit Survey following the experience
  • Must be willing to share your experience and preferred vendors
  • Nutritional training & earned nutritional credentials
  • Labs & Testing 
  • Neutraceuticals & Supplements
  • In-office or online product dispensaries 
  • EHR & Practice Management nutrition software 
  • New Patient intake vs Review of Finding & Follow-up schedules 
  • Cash vs Insurance for nutrition
  • ICD coding for nutrition


  • In-Person - Shadow in-office
  • Limit to 1 student per shadow day; student is a respectfully quiet observer
  • Student spends ½ day or full day during regular business operations
  • If student travels out of state or >3-hour drive, may request additional shadow days
  • Must indicate morning/afternoon and Saturday available office hours
  • Must indicate office policies for COVID masking and any other COVID protocols
  • Must reply to schedule the date(s) within 7 days of request
  • Virtual
  • Student(s) requests a Zoom meeting when cannot travel to office but interested
  • Mentor addresses the points under “Mentor Requirements” in an open discussion format
  • Anticipate 45 minutes to introduce self and describe office structure, 15 for QA
  • Must reply to schedule the date(s) within 7 days of request
  • Panel Presentation
  • 3 mentors speak on a chosen topic & open to QA 
  • Selection by raffle of participating Mentors
  • May - live via Zoom/Google – 7 pm evening event
  • October - at Symposium

Benefits & Recognition

  • Nutrition Profession
  • Encouraging students into clinical nutrition
  • Ensuring post-doctorate education, resources, and expertise is available to students
  • Demonstrating successful office strategies for future clinical nutritionists
  • CON recognition
  • Listed on Mentorship Directory page on CON website
  • Listed on CON newsletter
  • Recognition at Symposium
  • Entered into raffle for annual CON Mentorship Panel Presentation
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